Who is Krav Maga intended for?

Krav Maga is based on natural movements and works on perfecting instinctive responses, not changing them. As a result, it is relatively easy to learn Krav Maga because we are along with the body's natural movement, not against it.

Krav Maga is taught from the age of 5 years old and we have several students that have passed 70!

Every age gets its' relevant techniques and drills, considering disabilities, height, weight, physycal strength, typical age related injuries etc.

To make it short, anyone can learn Krav Maga

How long will it take until I'll be able to defende myself?

Two of our students already defeated attackers after only  one class, one of them prevailed against 5 bigger aggressors! 

On the other hand, mental awareness and readiness is an integral part becoming a fighter. Usually it's the mental part which is hard, not the technique.

Generally though, you can say that a practitioner who practices regularly several months will be able to defend himself adequately.  

What about general fitness?

Sports and fitness should be a part of everyone's daily routine, regardless of  their hobbies. 

You can start training Krav Maga with a poor fitness,over weight and bad diet. We guarantee that it will get easier and you will become fitter and stronger with time.

But maybe you should cut down the pizza& beer days just a bit.

What about other Martial Arts?

First of all, we respect (almost) every martial art. Each got different pros, and almost all of them would make you a better person, to yourself and to your surroundings. 

Krav Maga isn't a martial art. It's a self defense technique, and it's the most effective of them all.

While street fighting has no rules, judge and a fair fight, the Krav Maga effectiveness is reflected. 

Krav Maga will prepare you to defend against multiple attackers, defending after physical effort (like running away), dealing with a bigger aggressor, working under pressure and more.

We prepare our students to the street, not to Hollywood. 

So how does the class look like?

Our classes involves dynamic warm up, combining fitness, movement and power exercises. 

After the warm up comes the technical part,which is relatively calm. This is where we learn stuff like chock releases, defense against a knife attack, dealing with returning attacker and so on.

There last part of the class is for applying the previously learnt technique, under pressure. While the practitioners are doing a certain drill (fighting, working on the pads etc) they will be attacked  by a "redial" trying to stab them, choke or any other technique that they have learnt.

Can women also learn Krav Maga?

Not only can, but need!

Unfortunately, women are subject to more frequent assaults, usually by a bigger& stronger male aggressor. 

Krav Maga allows women to use their unique "weapons" along with the standard techniques- nails, high heels, purse and more. 

Moreover, each practitioner learns how to change the default of the three F's (Fight, flight or freeze) from freezing to fighting.

Competitions & Ranks

Real Krav Maga has no competitions, and every instructor that was a champion in Krav Maga sells you B.S

The reason is simple- Krav Maga was designed to save your life, without the restrictions of rules.The damage potential of fingers to the eyes, kicking the groin and biting is so great, that a competition would be to risky. And probably very short.

So how do you test yourself?

Besides the regular training, we hold ranking tests once- twice a year, depending on your level.
All of Impact practitioners arrive (some arrive outside of Israel) and each is being tested for his new rank and all his previous ranks, so you better know your stuff.

The ranks divided into 3 sections:
Practitioner 1-5

Graduate 1-5

Expert 1-5


Got all the way to expert 5 level? good for you.
The next test is Master, and there is only one like this- Master Zeev Cohen.

Good luck

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