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Haifa Krav Maga

Fitness. Confidence. Self defense.

Why should I learn it?

First, your Israel experience will not be complete without a Krav Maga session, but of course there is much more to that.

If you want to feel you can protect yourself even in a dark alleyway, or going home alone in the night, if you want to be able to protect your loved ones against the increasing violence all over and if you understand that street fighting rules are no rules, you should try a Krav Maga session.

You might even enjoy it!

So what is this Krav Maga ?

Krav Maga's sole purpose is teaching every person, weather it is a youngster, a teenager or a grown up, to defend themselves against a real life, day to day offence. Meaning less 1 on 1 fights and more dealing with multiple attackers, knife attacks, chokes and so on.

Krav Maga bases on striking on vulnerable points, like eyes, nose and groin, allowing a relatively weaker defender prevail against a stronger attacker. 

Today Krav Maga is being taught worldwide, and can be found on elite units as the U.S Navy seals, the British S.A.S and of course the I.D.F


Official Krav Maga instructor (G4 level) with over 14 years of experience in martial arts, including Krav Maga, Combined martial arts and Muay Thai. 

Nadav holds a Psychology B.A and is father of two

(and husband of one).

Nadav Carmely 
Chief instructor Haifa branch 

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Sundays& Wednesdays 17:00-17:45


Sundays& Wednesdays 17:45-18:45

Adults  (beginners)

Sundays& Wednesdays  18:45-19:55

Adults  (advanced)

Sundays& Wednesdays   20:00-21:00

Privet lessons & events are available

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Haifa Krav Maga

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